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Fiore & Sons, Inc., is a privately held heavy civil contractor providing a wide range of civil contracting and management services in Colorado. Since 1959, Fiore & Sons, Inc. has proudly maintained continual operations with the same intact family-owned business model.  Working with our client partners, general contractors and developers, we perform site utilities, sitework and finish grading, overlot grading, trucking, demolition and environmental, civil construction management in the residential, commercial, industrial and retail market sectors.

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We are THE desired civil site contractor in Colorado, consistently creating exceptional experiences for our team, clients and community!!

Who We Are: About



Fiore & Sons, Inc. remains focused on providing excellence, accountability and dedication to our clients. These values have created the most positive and impactful measure of success. Since 1959, we have taken immense pride in the tradition of delivering consistent, professional civil construction services to our clients while still evolving to meet the challenges of an ever-changing and advancing industry.


In a business where accuracy is everything, construction professionals are looking to innovative technologies to modernize how data is collected, processed and shared across the entire construction network.  Fiore & Sons, Inc. is a leader in technological advancements in civil construction.


In civil construction, quality is exemplified by sustainability and minimal warranty concerns.  By ensuring quality every step of the way, Fiore & Sons, Inc. protects themselves and our clients from any future impact from construction defects or warranty calls.


Fiore & Sons, Inc. Inc is fully committed to the safety of our employees and we support their safe choices. Protecting public safety, reducing company risk exposure, and enhancing the employee experience are top of mind for executives, managers, supervisors and our employees.  We believe the employees of Fiore & Sons, Inc., deserve and are entitled to a safe and healthful work place. We also extend this right to our client’s employees and the public.

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