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Commitment to safety behind the wheel.

Fiore & Sons, Inc. offers one of the largest owned fleets of equipment in Colorado with an average age of fewer than six years.  We have an in-house, fully functioning maintenance facility with over 20,000 SF of working maintenance area, and a staff who works 24/7 to keep our equipment in top operational condition. We also have a crew of field mechanics who are responsible for keeping equipment in the field in top operational condition, rain or shine.

Our experienced drivers have been awarded the highest safety rating by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Colorado Motor Carriers Association (CMCA). The Fiore & Sons, Inc. truck fleet is designed to the lightest possible vehicle weight available on the market, thus allowing for the greatest payload, adhering to local street weight restrictions. With our extensive equipment support, Fiore & Sons, Inc. can match trailer types to specific project needs.

“When people see my truck, they know it is from the Company that has professionals behind the wheel.  My truck is a big, beautiful and expensive piece of equipment I am responsible for.  I feel proud to drive for Fiore.  Devotion is what I feel toward my job and coworkers.”

Edgar Rocha, Fiore & Sons, Inc. 2021 Driver of the Year.

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Wyatt Ball talks about the equipment fleet

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