A Legacy Move to a Legacy Location – The Fiore Story

Eddie Fiore

It’s 1959…and Eddie Fiore has an idea. Some called him brave. Others called him foolish. The son of Italian immigrants, working from his home office on a piece of land that his parents homesteaded in 1936, Eddie launched Eddie Fiore Trucking…with only 1 truck. Determined and gritty, little did he know that his vision and doggedness would create a Legacy that is known today as Fiore & Sons, Inc.

That wasn’t all however, because in 1972, son Larry, a hardworking, dedicated, family man, with his wife Diane and four sons, Mike, Tony, Larry Jr. (Butch) and David, his “sidekicks” who were destined to be future leaders in the organization, endeavored to take the business to a new alltime high by “entering” the bid market. A major paradigm shift and risky but calculated, this new and exciting business model laid the groundwork for the unprecedented growth of Fiore & Sons, Inc. that we see today.

With over 275 employees, 300 pieces of equipment, and the recipient of admirable awards for safety and service, Fiore & Sons, Inc. is today a pioneer heavy civil contractor in Colorado, providing a wide range of civil contracting and management services.


Fiore & Sons Inc. impressive equipment and operations today.

Offering the most complete range of civil contracting and heavy equipment services to property owners and developers in the Rocky Mountain region and surrounding areas, Fiore & Sons, Inc. maintains the highest level of service and scheduling with a continuous focus on quality and safety.


Fiore & Sons Inc. impressive equipment and operations today.

Like the “Fiore Family” likes to say, “we do construction down to the ground and from the ground down” with services that include civil construction management, earthwork, demolition, site utilities, structural excavation, trucking, overlot, finish grading and environmental services.

Recently announced, Fiore’s corporate offices expanded to 80 East 62nd Avenue, Denver, Colorado. The Operations, Maintenance and Transportation Departments remain at 730 W. 62nd Avenue, Denver, CO 80216. Larry Fiore, Jr. (Butch), President recently said, “We’re excited to announce the expansion of our corporate office. As a third generation family-owned organization, we take great pride in our thriving legacy that dates back to the inception of the organization by our grandfather, Ed Fiore, in 1959. Our expansion allows for the continuation of over 58 years of continual operations with the same and intact family-owned business model. We take immense pride in our tradition of delivering consistent and professional services to our customers and the marketplace.”

Of historical significance is Fiore’s move to the former ‘Home of Wonder Bread’ site, a Legacy property in the Welby area, a long established Italian-immigrant farming community. The corporate offices, doubling in size, have been completely refurbished to accommodate a growing staff and there are plans to re-lease the entire warehouse space. The original, prominent neon signs are being repaired to a fully functional state that honors the distinctive history of this legendary property.

“We’re excited to keep this iconic facility in use for the new home of the Fiore Corporate Offices, says Fiore.”

Fiore & Sons Inc. new corporate location.

The second major office expansion of Fiore & Sons, Inc. since 1959 when Eddie Fiore set his sights on the future of his lineage and of an heirloom organization he loved so well, we have affectionately come to understand the historic intersection between the Fiores, a Legacy family and “Home of Wonder Bread”, a Legacy location and that’s the “greatest thing since sliced bread.”

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