Site Stewardship – Storm Water Controls & Housekeeping

A History of Sustainable Growth

Fiore & Sons has a long history of being conscious of sustainable growth and construction practices in the Denver Metro community since forming in 1959. Many projects for drainage improvements, restoration, and environmental cleanup have been successfully completed. Implementing strong stormwater controls and safe housekeeping on our shop & sites has protected our employees and the environment. Housekeeping and implementing stormwater controls is not by accident, it takes planning and diligence to maintain standards.

Storm Water Controls

Fiore & Sons participates with the AGC & Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment in the “Colorado Stormwater Excellence Program” (CSEP) as part of our commitment to environmental protection and compliance. The CSEP program is public-private partnership to successfully manage stormwater quality on construction sites. The program provides contractors and owners with tools to maintain compliance with local, state and federal permits. FSI has been a member in good standing of the program since 2014.

Each week, an inspection of our job sites and shop for erosion, sediment runoff, and release of water pollutants is carried out. It is up to all of us to be observant and to help maintain the controls on site. Silt fence, perimeter fence, surface roughing, ditches, sediment basins, rock socks, vehicle tracking pads, spill cleanup, and street sweeping are some of the Best Management Practices (BMPs) we use to keep Colorado’s waters clear for the future.


Good housekeeping is one of the surest ways to identify a safe workplace. Our clients, co-workers, and visitors can tell how our company feels about safety just by looking at our housekeeping practices. Good housekeeping isn’t the result of cleaning up once a week or even once a day. It’s the result of keeping cleaned-up all the time. It’s an essential factor in a good health and safety program.

Immediately cleaning up spills prevents slips and releases into streams and storm sewers. Winds blow across our sites relentlessly; keeping trash and construction debris from leaving the immediate area reduces environmental impact and the amount of time it takes to re-collect the materials for disposal. Housekeeping projects order, care, and Fiore Pride. When a workplace is clean, orderly, and free of obstruction, work can get done safely and productively.

What can you do to help?

  • Pick it up: When you come across discarded concrete rubble, cans & bottles, tools & forms, trash, and debris don’t walk past; pick it up and save someone from a trip and fall. Leaving debris in place means you left a hazard in place for someone else to potentially injure themselves.
  • Control Erosion: Be mindful of the erosion control BMPs in place and try to avoid damaging them with vehicles and equipment. The weather can turn at any time in Colorado so any BMPs we have to remove for our work has to be put back in place. Protect inlets from dirty water and streets from tracking; if not, violations & fines often follow.
  • Clean as you go: Don’t wait to be told to clean up. Clean up as you go it takes less time later to wrap up for the inspection or end of day.
  • Bend’em, Pull’em, or Cap’em: Cap exposed rebar, pull out, or bend over formwork & pallet nails and wire to avoid punctures and injuries.
  • Empty the Bin: Don’t overfill trash barrels and bins. When they are getting full, plan to empty them to avoid a mess and wastes from entering our work areas and wetlands.
  • Immediately Clean up Spills: If fuel, paint, or other chemicals are spilled they have to be cleaned up immediately. When left unattended this is both an environmental and injury risk.
Good housekeeping and demonstrating environmental concern go hand-in-hand with good public relations.

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