Fiore and Sons company policy is 100% seatbelt usage every time you are in a vehicle, truck and equipment. If there are not enough
seat belts in the vehicle for the number of passengers or if the seatbelt is damaged and inoperative then you can’t ride. Always include
seat belts on your daily truck and equipment inspection. Record defects on your inspection report and immediately inform you supervisor
of all discrepancies.

The Truth about Seat Belts
What percent do seat belts reduce your risk of injury or death in a crash?
The Facts:

✓ Seat belts reduce your risk of injury or death in a crash by about 45%.
✓ It’s estimated that over 500 Coloradans are saved by seat belts each year.
✓ It’s the law to buckle up in Colorado, but at least 17% of drivers and passengers still
aren’t doing it. Many still believe in the most common seatbelt usage myths.

Myths & Facts:

Myth 1I don’t have to wear my seat belt because my car has air bags.”
Fact is air bags do not replace your seat belt; they are intended to work WITH your seat belt. Air bags deploy at approximately 200
miles per hour. If you’re not properly belted, it could kill you.
Myth 2 I don’t need to buckle up when I’m driving somewhere just a few minutes away or I’m not driving very fast.”Fact is 75% of all crashes occur within 25 miles of a person’s home. 80% of deaths and injuries occur in vehicles
traveling 40 mph or less.
Myth 3My seat belt will trap me in the truck or equipment if it catches on fire or goes under water.”
Fact is Less than 0.05% of crashes involve fire or submersion, so your chances of that are highly unlikely. Yourseat belt will help prevent you from being knocked unconscious so that you could even have the chance to
escape.Myth 4 “It is better for me to get thrown clear out of my car or equipment than to be in it when a crash occurs.”
Fact is you are four times more likely to die if thrown out of your car, either from traveling through the windshield, hitting the ground, or getting crushed by another vehicle.
Myth 5 “I’m a really good driver. I don’t need to wear my seat belt.”
Fact is you may be a good driver/operator, but not everyone on the road and site is. Prepare for others’ mistakes, and wear your seatbelt.
Myth 6 I know someone who was killed because they wore their seat belt.”
Fact is they were not killed because they wore their seat belt; they were killed despite wearing their seat beltbecause they were in an accident. Some crashes are so severe that wearing a seat belt may not save you, but it
is still best to always wear it because those crashes are very rare.
Myth 7 “I would rather die from not wearing my seat belt than live disabled or with injuries for the rest of my life.”
Fact is this is a bad attitude to have because choosing to not wear a seat belt does not only affect you. You become a projectile and can kill others both in and out of the car by not wearing your seat belt. You family
needs you and wants you to survive any accident you are involved in. Wear it for them.
Myth 8 “I have a full roll over protection in this equipment, I’m covered.”
Fact is that seat belts keep you from being injured by the roll over protection by being you in the seat and not ejected as the machine
rolls on its side or top. Many operators have been killed trying to jump from or falling out as a machine roll over.

“No matter the myth, the truth is SEAT BELTS SAVE LIVES”
Utah Safety Council, Safe Driving Campaign

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