Safe Work Practice – Ascending/Descending Truck and Equipment Steps and Ladders

Fiore and Sons Inc. as a utility, earth moving and transportation contractor has a risk for injury when ascending and descending
truck and equipment steps and ladders. Improperly accessing trucks and equipment can lead to serious, debilitating injuries.
Through constant diligence and site awareness these potential injuries can be avoided.
Do Before accessing a truck or equipment step or ladder perform the following:

  •  Inspect the steps or ladders prior to use. Check for bends or weak spots. Make sure to report findings to the Site Foreman
    or Truck Supervisor. Document on inspection sheet and be specific to the location.
  • Remove any soil/mud build up on steps or ladder. If there is ice or frost remove as well.
  • Inspect your boots. Make sure that there is not soil/mud built up on your boots. Remove build up from the bottom of
    your boots prior to accessing ladder or steps. Lace up your boots for ankle support.
  • Avoid walking on equipment tracks if possible. If tracks are used for access, always use three points of contact.
  • Know the location of the step(s). When descending a truck, excavator or dozer, the step can be difficult to see or find.
    Do not let go of the bars or place your full body weight on the step until the middle of your foot is securely on the step.
  • Park the truck or equipment on firm, solid, flat ground when possible. Set the parking brake.
  • Open the door to check for uneven surfaces. Relocate to safer ground to avoid areas strewn with rocks and debris.
  • Always have a firm grip of the railings and provided hand grips. Step on slip resistant tape or cleated plate when walking
    on excavator or truck platform.
  • Maintain two (2) hands on the ladder at all times when ascending/descending the ladder. Do not carry items.
  • Always use three (3) points of contact at all times when ascending/descending ladder and steps.
  • Always face the truck or equipment when ascending/descending the ladder or steps.
  • If possible, wear lace up leather work boots for better ankle support as opposed to leather slip-on or untied work boots.

Don’t – take a chance

  • Do not jump off truck or equipment steps, ladders or tracks.
  • Avoid carrying tools or objects up & down ladders or steps. Set on the ledge or have a worker hand up to you.
  • Do not face out when descending truck and equipment ladders or steps. If you slip, you can strike the back of your head.
  • Do not grab onto mirrors or cords when ascending/descending steps or ladders. Use engineered hand holds.
  • Do not allow truck or equipment door to swing or pinch you hand or fingers when holding. Open fully and set the lock.

Safe Work Practice – Below is a pictorial representation of the appropriate way to access a truck cab.










Safe Work Practice – Below is a pictorial representation of the appropriate way to access heavy equipment.

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