Fiore & Sons, Inc., integrates into its operations a recycle program that maximizes the use of the three main materials used in building and construction, i.e., concrete, asphalt and steel. Fiore & Sons, Inc., has the ability to haul and intake material and uses state of the art plant technology to recycle the rubble materials and produce specification building aggregates for second life-use applications. Further, Fiore & Sons, Inc., performs re-use applications of old mechanical and machinery items and has subcontractors that process both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Additionally and on a different scale Fiore & Sons, Inc., pursues an aggressive internal policy of re-use and recycling which includes our office waste, shop waste and certain components of our job site waste.

The company attempts to attain a 90% rate of C & D recycling on all demolition projects. This is in addition to a strong re-use program where Fiore & Sons, Inc., will aggressively market left behind items such as generators, fuel systems and similar items. This well exceeds government standards that are set at approximately 75%.

We believe that the carbon footprint “green” is important but should not require a premium to implement. You will find that the majority of our recycle programs also represent a Value Added Engineering component that benefits the community and the client. Our programs contribute to a reduction in job cost and a reduction in community impact such as truck rounds on the public highways and the depletion of natural resources.

The recycling program can be made fully mobile and brought to a demolition project site or other site or may be operated in a recycle yard as well. The program can further provide LEED credits as well as reduce project impact and when applied, recycling is an asset to most projects and communities.

This diverse program will allow for:

  • On-site recycling
  • Add to fulfill LEED credit requirements
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Produce specification aggregates accepted by most agencies and venues
  • Yield Value Engineering benefits to the owner
  • Reduction of street and highway traffic impact
  • Industrial byproduct reuse
  • Mobile and portable recycling such as miles-long highway project