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Chambers Dam

Chambers Dam

IN Dams & Reservoirs
United Water & Sanitation
Parker, CO
Project Duration:
13 Months
Scope of Work:
Dam & Reservoir Project
About Project

The project is to construct an earthen dam and retention reservoir at the south west corner of Chambers Road and highway E-470 in the Town of Parker, Douglas County, Colorado. Includes the movement of approximately 2MM CY of dirt to form the basin (reservoir) and create the dam and a future road.    The filled capacity of the completed reservoir will hold 32 surface acres of water.  The basin in which the reservoir is to be built will be excavated to a maximum depth of 80 feet which will be partially built up with the placement of a clay liner in the areas where unsuitable material is located.  Clay for this liner was excavated from onsite materials.

The earth removed to form the basin was used in the construction of the dam and form the embankments with an excess of roughly 500,000 CY.  This material was placed on adjacent property as made available by the project owners.