Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment

Importance of PPE

Employees should ask questions about the PPE they are required to wear and never hesitate to replace PPE that is worn out or does not fit well. It is the Company’s responsibility to explain workplace hazards and provide safeguards, including engineering and administrative controls, as well as provide PPE. It is the employees’ responsibility, however, to make sure that PPE is cared for, kept clean, stored properly, inspected daily, worn properly, and fits well. Each type of PPE protects you from different types of hazards.

No matter what PPE you wear, it is essential to follow the safety work practices established by the company & discussed with your supervisor. Specialized PPE for cutting, dust, hearing protection, welding, chemical handling, & shop use is provided as needed to those requiring it. The 100% required minimum PPE for job sites is: hardhat, safety glasses, safety toe boots, hi-vis vest/stripes, gloves for the task, shirt sleeve over the shoulder, & long trousers without holes or significant defects. Set the example & show Fiore Pride; wear PPE onsite.

Follow these six PPE guidelines to stay safer on the job:

PPE should be the last line of defense: The first two lines of defense against safety hazards should be engineering and administrative controls. Only after deploying both of these should PPE be used to guard against safety hazards. PPE will not replace Proper Planning.

PPE must fit and be worn properly: PPE that is too large or too small may not properly protect you from hazards and could create additional hazards. Improperly wearing PPE could subject you to harm.

PPE must be kept clean and well-maintained: Reusable PPE should be cleaned after each use and inspected before every use to ensure that it is still in good working order.

PPE doesn’t last forever: Worn out PPE may not provide the proper protection and can become a hazard. Replace PPE when it shows visible signs of wear or when test data shows that it is no longer serviceable.

PPE only protects you when you’re wearing it: Even the most expensive, highest quality PPE won’t protect you if it’s not on your body and properly applied. Required 100% of the time on-site/shop.

Stay cautious while wearing PPE: No piece of PPE will protect you against every workplace hazard. That’s why there are so many types and styles. PPE will not protect you if you take a shortcut.

Fiore Vision and Boot Program: The Company will pay $100 per year to supplement your safety footwear. Safety boots/shoes are to cover the ankle, be made of sturdy material and have a safety toe. No “tennis shoe or trainer types” are allowed. The company will cover $75 of the cost for your prescription safety glasses. See safety officer for the document/process you need to participate in these programs.

Wearing PPE properly can protect you from mishaps and demonstrate you are part of a safe work team.

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