Parking & Staging Areas

Parking & Staging Areas

Avoid Parking & Staging Accidents

Wherever motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic must mix, the risk of accidents is increased. All laydown, yard and parking area accidents are avoidable.

SPEED Fiore shop, yard and office speed limit is 5 mph. About walking speed.


Yard/shop exits are to Huron Street and the main front gate only.
Main office exit is through the eastern 62nd Ave exit only. Not the bakery lot.
PARKING “First Move Forward” – Either back in or allow for direct pull out only.

Be Aware

Very slow driving, patience behind the wheel, and constant alertness is imperative wherever people walk and heavy equipment works. When you park your vehicle and become a pedestrian, you must keep in mind to stay on walkways, be seen and not dart from behind obstacles or into the travel way. Cross large open areas perpendicularly to common traffic flow (IE: to a construction trailer, into the office, or out to the fuel island). Wear Hi-Vis PPE onsite. Stay in lit areas.

Continuous vigilance is needed by peers and supervision to remind ourselves of the hazards that exist in parking lots, laydown areas and the yard. Follow signage, plan site travel routes and communicate the circulation to all those on the site. Utilize NM Cards and direct reporting for unsafe acts and conditions.

Commonly accident cases result from blind corners, poor parking practice, and travel through impromptu laydown & material storage areas on job sites. Thoughtless vehicle handling can cause asset damage. Superintendents and Foremen are to designate and provide direction on site, where employees are to park and store equipment in a safe manner. Don’t leave it up to chance; forethought and a good plan that is communicated to all onsite workers will cut down on accidents expediting the smooth flow of traffic. Don’t rely only on signs – talk to each other.

Many people are forgetful and must be reminded of the rules of safe conduct whether walking or driving until the safe behavior becomes second nature. Most often mishaps are caused by self-centeredness – the human tendency for individuals to be so engrossed in their own affairs that they become oblivious to everything around them. They forget the hazards of parking, yard and laydown areas in a rush to get their business done creating risk. Coaching and positive peer to peer reminders are helpful. When necessary, repeat offenders are to be reported, written up and disciplined by supervision.

After getting out of the vehicle, some seem to forget that they are no longer behind the wheel. After parking, they dart out in traffic as if to make up time for being late for an appointment. As a driver, you are aiming tons of steel directly at that pedestrian. Can you stop in time? If your vehicle hits that pedestrian, the individual may pay the price, but you too are likely at fault.

If you remind yourself that proper parking lot conduct and patience is expected – that continuous caution and concern for the safety of others and company assets is the only right way – you will be the one who sets the example.

Follow signage, slow as you go, inquire about site traffic patterns and coach each other to improve safety.


Traffic patterns for Fiore & Sons Properties

Enter and exit with two-way traffic only at eastern most entrance to MAIN

  • Light vehicles have 2-way traffic at front of TRANSPORTATION & SHOP out to 62nd.
  • Heavy trucks, yard traffic, and deliveries have one way in at 62nd and one way out at
  • Watch for blind spots at southern/back of the building

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