Our Subcontractor Responsibilities

Our Commitment to Safety

Over the years, employees at Fiore and Sons have taken great pride in the quality and safety record of our workforce. As we grow and require support from subcontractors it is up to all of us to be the source of spreading our Fiore Pride principles. Our subcontractors’ behaviors and production reflect upon us in the eyes of the client. Respecting our subcontractors & being a source of support to their subtask can mean the difference in success or failure for them.

What Are the Risks?

No one plans to have an accident and no one wants to become ill or injured as a result of their work. Yet there is no shortage of examples – some major, or fatal – all serious and costly. Many by less trained or inexperienced subcontractors brought to job sites to help us complete our work.

Subcontractors we hire are subject to potential risks when working alongside our employees because they are new to our practices and policies. The way we carry out our work may be different than they have previously experienced. Short-cuts and unsafe behaviors by subcontractors equally put our forces at risk as well.

Before the job starts during the selection stage we have processes and policies in place to ensure competency to undertake the task. We make them aware of Fiore health and safety procedures during the review & bid process.

We should not accept poor quality work, unsafe behaviors, misuse of tools, or unsafe acts or conditions created by our subcontractors. Speak up and help them improve. Subcontractors we bring to the work site are an extension of us and representing our values and goals of safety and quality to the client. Subcontractor success or mistakes affect our reputation of which future project awards depend upon.

What Does the Law Say?

All work activities are covered by OSHA health and safety law, regardless of who is undertaking the task. As the controller of a site or a task, we assume the responsibility of overseeing our subcontractor’s behaviors and outcomes.

All Fiore employees and supervisors must ensure that subcontractor acts do not endanger themselves or others. We must all cooperate with other trades and subcontractors on work sites, offices, and our shop related to health and safety.

As supervisors on a work site (including delivery, trucking, fueling and mechanical) we must ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of all parties working on our site, including subcontractors. Providing clear and documented direction between parties is essential to communicate our expectations.

Managing our subcontractors to reflect our values of safety and quality is key to maintaining our reputation.

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