Fiore & Sons, Inc., has provided over six decades of heavy civil work performance to the marketplace. Our firm has a family lineage that dates back to the family founders in 1959. Since that time the business has been in family hands with each generation extending the business to provide quality work while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.

Fiore & Sons, Inc., is now in our third generation of family management and ownership and remains focused on providing extensive company resources ensuring the majority of our work is self-performed. This philosophy provides a level of work accountability and schedule control that is not possible with other forms of resource deployment and has resulted in the most positive measure of success – a repeat business.


Family is represented through caring and supporting one another when it may not be in your immediate best interest, but often has long term benefits. An example may be helping a co-worker that is sick by bringing dinner to them after work; or covering a few hours of shift for an employee that needs to leave early for their kids.


Is represented by suggesting or utilizing new and unique approaches to accomplish current tasks or problems. An example may be using drones to survey sites prior to working on them or using a different type of machinery to complete a task that may not be commonly used.


Team members that take on additional training, find more efficient ways to use resources, or work with their supervisor to define a development plan for themselves.


Team members that show respect for one another in difficult situations or typically behave respectfully with clients, supervisors or the community. An example may be handling a frustrated neighbor with professionalism, respect and understanding.


Team members that make an extra effort to maintain and/or respect our environment. Examples may  include ensuring the job site is clean, fixing an erosion control problem or cleaning up an old spill that wasn’t theirs.


This is represented by understanding that more is achieved by working together on a problem/solution rather than competing to be the ultimate winner. .This might be represented by staying later than planned to help the crew wrap up the job a little earlier for everyone.


Team members that freely take responsibility for their actions. Example – I damaged the door on the excavator, rather than ignore it and let someone else take the blame, I immediately notify my supervisor and take responsibility.


Integrity is consistently taking proper action which includes honesty, responsibility, etc. Example: Billy acts with integrity because he commonly does the right thing by following the rules even when no one is watching. Generally integrity is used when someone takes responsibility for their actions.


Devotion involves an employee’s willingness to look out for the Company’s best interests and believes that their devotion will be returned in the long run through various means.


Involves insisting on delivering the best possible overall results including time of completion, quality, safety, cost and productivity.

The Fiore Pledge

PROVEN Dependability

PROVEN Transparency

PROVEN Trustworthy

PROVEN Synergy

This proud reputation is based upon three key principles:

Best Service

By building and maintaining a solid team of professional and innovative individuals who practice teamwork and high levels of client interface we are able to understand and provide the working platform for continued successful projects

Earning Client Trust

Continuous client communication during the project cycle allows for a superior standard of excellence in our approach to project management. Our solid performance and reliable consistent project completion track record has earned Fiore & Sons, Inc., the highest levels of client trust which we work very hard to maintain and continually improve.

The Promise

Our continued success contributes to the continued success of our clients. Bringing our full range of resources to work on every project, with high levels of professionalism and a dedication to Value Engineering, makes our clients more efficient and competitive in their mission….that is our promise and our standard.