Michael E. Fiore (Mike), Owner/Board of Directors

Mike’s visionary leadership has expanded the company’s capabilities and created opportunities utilizing fly ash and spent lime as a soil amendment, creating valuable recycling opportunities that are both environmentally friendly and cost saving. As the leader of Fiore & Sons, Inc.’s, business development efforts, Mike has a strong track record of steering the company into the business arenas that are able to maintain profitability through economic downturns. His vision stems from a unique entrepreneurial spirit that is well grounded in the day-to-day operations having been involved in every aspect of the business from pushing a shovel to earthwork, site utilities, project management, estimating, hazardous waste transportation and demolition for over 30 years.

Larry Fiore, Jr. (Butch), Owner/President

Butch Fiore has a lifetime career of sitework/utilities experience. As a third-generation member of Fiore & Sons, Inc., he has been intimately involved with all aspects of the company business since childhood. Butch is responsible for client interface, crew allocation, scheduling/coordination of multiple job sites, while simultaneously serving as President of Fiore & Sons, Inc. His expert knowledge of front-line operations and industry trends results in efficiency and profits for Fiore & Sons, Inc., their employees, and ultimately our clients.

David Fiore, Owner/Treasurer

David’s primary role in the organization beyond being an owner is serving as Executive Manager of Risk Management, Human Resources, Information Technologies, Safety and Administration. David holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Entrepreneurship from the University of Colorado at Boulder, currently serves as on the Board of Directors for Four Corners Construction Group and served as Risk Control Committee Chairperson for the same entity from 2013-2016. He has also served on the Colorado Contractor’s Association Board from 2006-2011 and was chairperson for the Underground Committee from 2004-2007.

J. Kelly Felder, Chief Operating Officer

Kelly, in the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) is responsible for leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure the company has the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, people and systems in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency. He also has the overall responsibility for the goal settings, and direction between estimating, field operations, project management, and equipment assets to ensure profitability and timely completion of projects. Consults with senior managers regarding acquisition, consumption and disposal of company resources.

Monte Telitz, VP/Director of Operations

Monte Telitz’s career with Fiore & Sons, Inc., spans over 32 years’ experience in earthwork, hazardous waste remediation, demolition, and utilities. He has supervised the demolition of over 350 projects totaling more than 14 million square feet of floor space. Monte’s extensive experience also includes years in underground utilities. He has been involved with and supervised the installation of numerous private sanitary, storm and water systems. Monte has also served as the Superintendent on the Stage II haul roads projects where Fiore & Sons, Inc.’s crews logged over 23,000 hours without a lost time incident. Monte’s expertise is in special projects, sitework and overlot construction.

David Torkelson, Fleet Manager

David has 40 years’ experience of heavy equipment and fleet management.  He leads the department by providing overall direction of day-to-day operations including purchases, rentals, and logistics of all equipment. Fiore & Sons, Inc., utilizes a GPS machine monitoring technology to maximize uptime, productivity, and machine life-cycle maintenance for our equipment that assists David in keeping the fleet in excellent working condition.

Steve Bell, Safety Director

Steve’s 30 years’ experience is an asset to Fiore & Sons, Inc. He has successfully implemented and managed occupational health, safety and risk management programs; developed policies and accompanying training programs; focused on areas including workers’ compensation cost control, OSHA/EPA/CDOT compliance and ergonomics. These initiatives resulted in significant cost savings and incident rates well below industry averages. Steve has effectively managed major safety claims and loss mitigation initiatives including planning/scheduling and budgeting/cost containment. He has successfully developed policies and procedures in diverse and rapidly changing industries.

Heath Brooks, Director of Estimating

Heath brings 15 years’ experience and offers a multitude of high-level services. He evaluates estimates to ensure they are within the given specifications and closely monitors the bid results. He obtains statistical data, prices of various materials, labor costs, equipment, etc; to compile the relevant reports to develop the guidelines for future estimates. He follows the market trends to ensure that Fiore & Sons, Inc., will be prepared for upcoming demands. In addition to the above responsibilities, he maintains client relationships and leads our estimating department.

Jake Logue, Director of Project Management

Jake joined the Fiore & Sons, Inc., team in 2010 and is our Director of Project Management. He brings 20 years’ experience consisting of heavy-highway construction to total-site development; including mass earth movement, site grading, wet utility installation, demolition, trucking, aggregates, etc. Jake’s background in project management, cost tracking and accounting, contract negotiations along with project/field supervision is instrumental to our team. He was an integral part a $17 million fast-track FAA airport project in Rifle, Colorado that completed in eight months.