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Why Fiore?

Fiore & Sons, Inc. is well equipped with the resources required to complete a range of project scopes while utilizing a staff of over 350 employees, each with diverse education and many with over 20-years’ experience in civil construction. The project performance team consists of project managers, project engineers and project administrators dedicated to the successful delivery of each project assignment.

Fiore & Sons, Inc.’s equipment fleet consists of over 300 pieces of light and heavy equipment and employs a maintenance staff of over 40 highly trained, skilled employees who are at the ready to efficiently and effectively make repairs to the entire fleet of equipment, rain or shine.

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Fiore & Sons, Inc. reputation is based on three key principles:

Best Service

Led by safety, we build and maintain a solid team of professional and innovative individuals who practice teamwork and high levels of client interface. We are able to understand and provide the working platform for continued successful projects.

Earning Client Trust

Continuous client communication during the project cycle allows for a superior standard of excellence in our approach to project management. Our solid performance and reliable consistent project completion track record has earned Fiore & Sons, Inc., the highest levels of client trust which we work very hard to maintain and continually improve.


The Promise

Our continued success contributes to the continued success of our clients. Bringing our full range of resources to work on every safely executed project, with high levels of professionalism and a dedication to value engineering, makes our clients more efficient and competitive in their mission…. that is our promise and our standard. “We build down to the ground and from the ground down.”

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