FioreRewards Safety Action Recognition

FioreRewards Safety Action Recognition

What is FioreRewards?

The FioreRewards program recognizes Fiore & Sons employees for their contribution to the safety culture of the work sites we share. We firmly believe that the contributions that you make to ensure a safe and healthful work environment are an essential part of the success of Fiore & Sons as a company and each of us as individuals. While working safely is an expectation we have for all of us, this program recognizes the extra effort that goes beyond the minimum required every day. The most valuable resource of Fiore & Sons is the men and women that perform the work and we use this opportunity to recognize those individuals that actively care about the safety and well-being of themselves and the people around them.



0.05 Administrative Staff Hrs – Receive reward point(s) for each safe hour worked. Added to your account at the end of each calendar quarter. Includes attending weekly staff meeting.
0.1 Craftsmen/Field Hrs – Receive reward points for each safe hour worked. Added to your account at the end of each calendar quarter. Includes attending Daily Huddle and Tailgate safety meetings.
75 First Aid/CPR/AED  Points will be added to your account when you receive your certification. This can be renewed once every two years.
50 Craft Safety Committee  Points awarded for each meeting/activity you attend and contribute to.
10 Training  Points for each hour of safety education training you successfully complete.
5-50 Hazard Near Miss Reports You will receive from 5 to 50 points for each report submitted. Your supervisor and safety officer will evaluate each report to assign a value based on its merit.
5 Peer Recognition – You can recognize another employee’s exceptional safe actions by rewarding them with 5 points. Utilize the Hazard Near Miss reports or Email to safety officer.
(20-100) Incidents/Accidents  You will lose points if it is determined you are responsible for causing or contributing to a preventable incident that results in property damage or injury to yourself or others.
Being active in your safety program helps all of us go home safely.

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