What is Fiore Cares, Inc.

Fiore Cares, Inc. was incorporated in 2016 with a mission to provide monetary assistance to Fiore & Sons, Inc. employees, employees’ families, and/or members of the greater construction community.  Fiore Cares, Inc. also works to offer comfort and aid to families through toy, food and/or clothing drives for those in need and who are experiencing life’s hardships and adversities.

The 2018 Fiore Cares, Inc. Golf Tournament at the Ridge

The 2018 Fiore Cares, Inc. Golf Tournament, held at The Ridge at Castle Pines North Golf Course on Thursday, August 30, 2018, included over 140 golfers who were committed to the caring outcomes and support of those in need.  The Ridge, carved from a thick forest of Gambel Oaks and Ponderosa Pines in the foothills of the Front Range, traces open terrain where sight lines stretch south to Pike’s Peak, Devil’s Head, Mt. Evans, and even downtown Denver and Denver International Airport some 30 miles away.  This inspirational setting spurred the motivation and generosity of over 140 golfers to support the compassionate Fiore Cares, Inc. platform of giving.

The Fiore Cares, Inc. Program of Generosity

Proceeds and donations from the Fiore Cares, Inc. golf tournaments, clay shoots and other fundraising events, have gone to many worthy and meaningful causes.  Recent examples of past commitments include the continued monetary support of the family of a long-term Fiore employee who passed away in 2014 and to a former Fiore employee who continues to battle an on-going disease for the past two years.  Earlier in 2018, a Fiore employee was involved in a tragic, unfortunate motorcycle accident where he sustained critical injuries to his leg. Fiore Cares, Inc. has been working with his family to pay their immediate expenses.

Small contributions have also been made over the past several years to other organizations including a grief counseling center, Joyful Journey, a sanctuary, community, and retreat, where people from all walks of life come to experience its soothing waters to heal and find peace from the stress of their daily lives, A Precious Child who provides children in need with opportunities and resources to empower them to achieve their full potential, and an organization who provided backpacks to school children as they prepared for their yearlong school experience.

Thank you to everyone who reached out in support of Fiore Cares, Inc.’s commitment 
to aid those in most need as we continue to expand our giving.