Daily Walk Around Inspection

Daily Walk Around Inspection

Demonstrate Your Commitment

A pre-use/pre-shift inspection is a very important part of every driver’s and operator’s commitment to safety. Never operate any equipment or vehicle without conducting a thorough inspection. Skimming over the inspection checklist could easily result in overlooking a very important defect with the equipment or vehicle, which could result in damage or serious injury to the operator or others.

Same ‘Ol Thing

It may feel like you are answering the same questions on an equipment or vehicle checklist each day and in reality, you are if you are consistent and that’s important. Our vehicles and equipment get a lot of use throughout the work week and things do happen. Drivers and operators may hit things or drive over things that could cause damage to parts of the undercarriage. Items wear and cracks that may not show up originally in a part may finally become noticeable after time. You want to be the one to find it BEFORE you utilize the vehicle or equipment.

Cracked hoses, glass or defective electrical components are probably the most commonly found items. If you find an item, put it on the checklist and bring it to your supervisor’s attention. Ensure it is not a critical component of the checklist. If it is, like a backup alarm, fire extinguisher, brake component, or seatbelt then take the vehicle out of service, write up the defect and have your supervisor place a LOTO tag the vehicle. DO NOT USE any vehicle or equipment with defective safety devices. Never operate any vehicles or equipment with a LOTO tag on it.

Compliance Matters

For DOT drivers it is imperative that you log in your daily walk around inspection to be in compliance. No need to jeopardize your livelihood or the reputation of the company by not completing the daily inspections. Remember someone else may have been working on your ride and left a hood latch open or placed something close to it like a bucket or cart since you have used it. You will want to do a 360 walk around before setting off. Make this practice part of your inspection.

Clean up to Better Observe Defects

It is also important to keep vehicles and equipment clean. When dust and dirt buildup on vehicles and equipment it is easy to miss a problem during your inspection. Use the Fiore and Sons Daily Vehicle-Equipment Inspection (Form HSE 23.0-1) or a provided inspection book to document your walk around.

Find defects during the walk around to avoid finding yourself broken down later.



Operator’s Name: Equipment Type:
Equipment #: Date of Inspection:
Mileage Start: Mileage End:
Hours(miles) Start : Hours (miles) Finish:
Item / Articulo Yes No Item / Articulo Yes No
Are the lights operational / Funcionan las luces? Is the engine oil level correct / Esta correcto el nivel de aceite?
Do the wipers work / Funcionan los limpiadores del parabrisa? Is the machine free of fuel leaks / Esta la maquina libre de gotera de combustible?
Does the horn work / Funciona el claxon? Is the machine free of air leaks / Esta la maquina libre de fugas de aire?
Do all the gauges work / Funcionan todos los medidores? Does the speedometer work / Funciona el medidor de velocidad?
Do turn signals work / Funcionan loas direccionales? Is the machine free of hydraulic, OIL leaks / Esta la maquina libre de fugas de hidraulicos?
Do the brakes work / Funcionan los frenos? Is the boom in good condition / Esta aguilon en Buena condicion?
Does the parking brake work / Funciona el freno del mano? Are safety belts in good condition / Estan los cinturones dee Seguridad en Buena condicion?
Are the mirrors in good condition and adjusted correctly / Estan los espejos en buena condicion y posicionados correctamente? Are the stabilizer jacks in good condition / Estan en Buena condicion los gatos estabilizadores?
Does the steering work correctly / Funciona el movimiento de volante? Is the cab clean and orderly / Esta limpia y ordenada la cabina?
Are the windows free of cracks and provide good visibility / Esta el parabrisa libre de quebraduras y prove visibilidad aceptable?  




Is the ladder free of debris and in good condition / Esta la escalera libre de escombro y en Buena condicion?  


Are the tires in good condition / Estan las llantas en Buena condicion? Is the coolant level correct / Esta correcto el nivel de antifris?
Are handrails free of debris and in good condition / Estan los pasamanos libres de escombro y en buenas condiciones?  





Is battery fully charged / Esta completamenta cargada la bateria?





Does the backup alarm work / Funciona la alarma de reversa? Is a charged fire extinguisher available / Esta disponible un extinguidor de incendios?

Inspection Remarks:


Signature of person performing inspection / Firma de la persona           Signature of Operator/ Firma del Operador Llevando acabo compostura(s)


HSE 23.0-1 Vehicle-Equipment Inspection


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