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Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional.

Fiore & Sons, Inc. fosters a culture of open and honest communication, conscious leadership and a mindset of building strong, healthy relationships. Creating opportunity through curiosity is at the core of cultural consistency where we have the courage to be respectfully honest, with clear, positive intent.

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Fiore & Sons, Inc. has a proud, long-standing tradition and admired program called FIORE PRIDE. This peer-to-peer employee recognition program acknowledges fellow employees for their good work and exemplary acts.  Honorees are applauded by fellow employee/nominators and awarded Fiore Pride Pins which signify each letter in FIORE PRIDE.

The growth Fiore & Sons, Inc. has experienced has come from both culture and a family environment where people are held to a standard that is consistent with these FIORE PRIDE core values. This begins with the Owners and Executive level leaders and permeates throughout all levels of the organization, fostering communication at all levels.

FIORE PRIDE behavior has developed into stronger relationships with employees, clients, subcontractors and vendors…all of whom we consider partners in our journey for success.  At Fiore & Sons, Inc., our goal is to be the absolute “best” at what we do.

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Fiore & Sons, Inc. has propelled conscious leadership and cultural consistency into deeper layers of the organization to increase levels of authenticity, vulnerability and trust among employees. Through the leadership program called Leadership Journey, increased effective relationships and outcomes have become the common language among employees at Fiore & Sons, Inc.


In a breakthrough conversation, Leadership Journey has taught us that we must listen to really understand the other person’s world. We learn the value of seeing the world through someone else’s eyes as a foundation for building relationships all while creating better results together. At Fiore & Sons, Inc. we’ve embraced a program called EMAD (Everyone Makes a Difference) which builds momentum for true accountability, clear agreements, and importantly, curiosity in the workplace. What’s more, showing appreciation to those around us says that you genuinely care about them, that what they think about you and your actions is truly significant and meaningful.


At the heart of leadership is our ability to relate and at the core of relating is the Master Skill of Communication. Leadership Journey teaches us that more than any skill, any tool or any position you may hold in an organization, leadership is a mindset. Great leaders understand that their behavior sets the tone for the culture of their organizations. Great leaders know that the way they relate to others, their genuine care for their staff and their willingness to communicate openly, generously, and frequently, creates a culture of engagement, creativity and inspiration. Great leaders have vision and a strong sense of purpose. And they are masters of stewarding possibilities into life.

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When we communicate more openly with full respect of each other out of care for one another, we develop more trusting relationships.  These relationships are much less stressful and as we continue to develop them, we create even more opportunities.  The key is that we have to take the energy that we generate with our stories, thoughts and beliefs and allow them to create a temporary wave of energy so we can discover the “GIFT”.

Butch Fiore

Fiore & Sons, Inc.

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