Basic Safety Rules

Some rules are never made to be broken. Much like the Ten Commandments the Fiore Basic Safety Rules are important enough we expect you to follow them at all times Compliance ensures the safety and well-being of FSI employees and assets. The list supplements detailed company policies highlighting actions not tolerated. Violation is subject to disciplinary review and action up to and including termination.

Most Important Rules to know and follow:

Drugs & Alcohol – Possession or being under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances on Company property, at Company work sites, or anywhere else while on Company business is forbidden. Doses of prescribed and over the counter items in excess of the written warning label causing an incapacity to drive or operate safely is included in this prohibition.

Personal Protective Equipment – PPE deemed appropriate for the work must be used at all times. Basic site

required PPE includes hardhat, gloves, hi-vis safety vest, safety glasses and safety toe boots. Other equipment may be required for specific activities.

Fighting – Physical conflict (fighting) and violence against anyone while on the job is strictly forbidden.

Seat Belts – Must be worn at all times when operating or riding in Company vehicles, when operating a personal vehicle on company business, and when operating any trucks, heavy equipment including loaders, forklift, excavators, water trucks, scrapers, dozers, etc. If it moves you must be buckled up.

Equipment – Employees are never allowed to ride in or on the bucket of an excavator or loader. Persons shall not be permitted to ride in the cab, on catwalks or rails, or on implements, booms, or attachments of equipment unless specifically equipped to accommodate personnel during operation. A seat and seatbelt for every person.

Trenches & Excavations – No one shall enter a trench over five feet deep unless the trench is properly sloped or otherwise protected by shoring or shielding. NO one is to enter a trench that is 4 feet or more without proper access. Never dig without locates and never enter a trench without first performing a trench inspection.

Injury and Vehicle Accident Reports – All injuries and collisions must be reported immediately to the employee’s supervisor.

Heavy Equipment – No one shall operate heavy equipment for which they are not authorized and qualified unless done as part of a training program under the direct supervision of a qualified operator. Never operate equipment or vehicles are under LOTO.

Firearms – Possession of firearms in Company vehicles or on Company property or work sites is prohibited.

Radios and Phones – Cell phones are not to be used when operating equipment that is in motion. Radios/music used in equipment only when the volume is adjusted to allow for verbal communication with the crew. Ear and headphones prohibited in equipment or while on foot.


The following is from Section 37 of the FSI Best Practices Manual. Each violation is evaluated on its own merit. Some infractions may be so serious that progressive discipline is bypassed. These actions are considered safety violations by the company:

  • Repeated safety rule violation;
  • Failure to report incidents, including injuries, equipment damage, fire, spill, vehicle incident, etc.;
  • Failure to control or mitigate unsafe conditions, work practices or other hazards;
  • Failure to maintain good housekeeping and site cleanliness
  • Failure to wear required personal protective equipment;
  • Violating drug & alcohol policies in any way.

A three-step process is used to document and carry out employee discipline:

1. Formal Verbal Warning from supervisor for observed repeat observation.

2. Written Warning prepared by a supervisor, signed by the employee to include action to take to correct behavior.

3. Suspension without pay and potentially Termination for third-time offenders.

“Safety rules are written in blood. Someone, somewhere paid the price so you don’t have to.”

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