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In a business where accuracy is everything, construction professionals are looking to innovative technologies to modernize how data is collected, processed and shared across the entire construction network.


Fiore & Sons, Inc. is a leader in technological advancements in civil construction. From start to finish, Fiore & Sons, Inc. utilizes the full spectrum of information technology and tools to follow, communicate and expedite information that pertains to projects through the full continuum of project execution.

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The construction industry’s need for accuracy and information collaboration has outpaced traditional methods for site surveying, which previously lacked the accuracy and scalability needed to optimize today’s profit margins and operating costs. What used to take several days to produce marginal accuracy can now be done in a fraction of the time with pinpoint accuracy and without guesswork.  
Construction professionals today are looking to innovative technologies to modernize how survey data is collected, processed and shared across the entire construction network. Project managers, superintendents, foremen, and surveyors now have technology choices that offer instant visibility into the status and progress of their project.  
Fiore & Sons, Inc. uses Trimble Stratus, powered by Propeller. With SITECH, the global distributor of Trimble solutions, Trimble Stratus’s survey-grade drone data helps make informed decisions that ensure projects are as efficient, cost-controlled, and safe. Data visualization and 3D modeling helps to drive the ambiguity out of high-impact decisions in the construction industry and is evolving into an “era of proof” that drives integrity and trust within all areas of construction with 360 degrees of contract accountability.  
Fiore & Sons, Inc. also utilizes DirtMate to deliver a complete view of our client’s worksite and operations.  When we fly our drone, we see what’s changed from week to week or flight to flight and can collect data from all of our machines and sync it with the most recent drone survey for a holistic view of the worksite, giving us access to up-to-date surface data every 30 minutes and machine usage data nearly real-time.  We also get updated material volumes and productivity data every half hour from any device, so we can ensure the project stays on track.  With direct integration into the Propeller Platform, DirtMate updates our drone surveys with the latest surface data from our dozers, saving us the time and hassle of cross-referencing two distinct data sets. 

Our drones tell us what’s happening on our worksites and DirtMate fills in the gaps by telling us “why”. For example, DirtMate doesn’t just record surface elevations; it also tracks machine vibration to record inertial measurements. If a machine isn’t vibrating, DirtMate knows it’s off. If it’s vibrating but isn’t moving, it’s idling. DirtMate tracks idling time to help identify on-site inefficiencies, so Project Managers can add or reallocate equipment based on idle time. Drones reduce discrepancies in your survey data. DirtMate eliminates them!

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