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Earthwork Services

Fiore performs and manages a variety of services - including site clearing, foundation excavation, backfill, site grading and fine grading for various general contractors and owners throughout Colorado and has built a reputation for providing high quality services in all aspects of sitework.

We pride ourselves on having the ability to be a self-managed contractor with the knowledge to assist the general contractor with project coordination as necessary.  We are able to maintain efficient coordination of resources including various subcontractors, equipment and materials to create a seamless flow and ensure a project’s success. Our extensive knowledge and experience ensures that we maintain or exceed project schedules/budgets, reduce safety hazards, and produce a quality product.



Earthwork Services

Within the last ten years, Fiore has progressively increased the scope and size of its’ earthwork projects. Our overlot grading projects have ranged in size from 100,000 CY to 4,000,000 CY. Fiore has become one of the most efficient and cost effective overlot contractors in the state of Colorado.



structural excavation

Earthwork Services

Fiore & Sons is capable and experienced in the art and science of structural excavation and backfill. Excavating and backfilling for structures is a complex part of the project that not all earthmovers are capable of performing well. We have provided this service for projects as simple as small office buildings as well as complex projects involving excavation for multi-level underground structures. Our highly competent pre-construction services coupled with our experienced operational staff enables us to excavate and backfill intricately designed structures.

finish grading

Fiore also provides fine grading services. Our trained operators along with our laser/GPS controlled equipment allow us to easily grade to tight tolerances and complex geometries.  Whether the project involves mass grading or finish grading, Fiore & Sons has the expertise to get the job done right the first time.


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Fiore & Sons, Inc. is capable of providing many specialized earthwork services. While many of our earthwork projects consist largely of bulk earth movement, we encourage our clients to take advantage of our full-scope excavation services. We are capable of managing the excavation of your site from start to finish including topsoil stripping and stockpiling, through overlot grading and structural excavation, to finish grading.

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